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Amber Technology Appointed Distributor for Mojawa in A&NZ

Amber Technology is now the exclusive distributor for Mojawa in A&NZ.


21 March 2024

Amber Technology, a leading distributor of innovative technology solutions, is proud to announce its exclusive distribution partnership with Mojawa, the groundbreaking developer of bone conduction headphones. With this partnership, Amber Technology becomes the sole distributor of Mojawa products in Australia and New Zealand, marking Mojawa’s entry into the region.

Founded in 2021, Mojawa is dedicated to transforming everyday life into extraordinary experiences through innovative products. Mojawa accompanies and empowers individuals to feel life in its fullest sense. With Mojawa, you gain more than just a device; you embrace an enriched lifestyle designed for experiencing and feeling the world in a new way.

The haptic technology used in Mojawa products recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user. Mojawa’s intuitive haptic technology products are designed with a focus on an individual’s physical and mental health benefits.

Mojawa is renowned for its cutting-edge open wireless stereo (OWS) technology which revolutionises the audio experience using air conduction to transmit sound, particularly with bone conduction headphones. OWS is the latest sound solution that is completely open and does not enter the ear.

Robin Cao, CEO, Mojawa said, “Amber Technology’s extensive experience and proven track record in distributing high-quality technology solutions make them the ideal partner to introduce Mojawa products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. We are confident that this partnership will provide consumers in these regions with access to our innovative bone conduction headphones, including the groundbreaking HaptiFit Terra. We look forward to working closely with Amber Technology to deliver exceptional products and service to our customers.”

Peter Amos, managing director, Amber Technology, “Mojawa represents a significant leap forward in audio technology with truly innovative products. We are thrilled to be appointed as the exclusive distributor for Mojawa products in Australia and New Zealand. This partnership underscores our commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers.”

The partnership will launch three flagship products to the Australian and New Zealand markets: the HaptiFit TerraRun Plus and the Run Air:

Amber Technology is the first omnichannel distributor globally to be appointed by Mojawa. This partnership marks the introduction of a new brand and product range to Australian and New Zealand consumers.

Mojawa products are available in Australia and New Zealand online from April 2024.

Amber Technology: 1800 251 367



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