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Powersoft Launches New Free Certified Training Courses

Collections of webinars and online training modules are available for free on Powersoft website; certificate available on completion


18 May 2021

Italian audio specialist Powersoft launches a brand-new training programme on its website, which provides two new free training sections for users: Webinars, where all Powersoft’s recent webinars are uploaded, and E-Learning, where the live sound and install courses are available online now for anyone who wishes to take them. The OEM course will be released in the coming weeks.

The E-Learning platform is designed to be a one-stop destination for online training. The courses are designed to provide sound engineers, integrators, and AV technicians the advantage to learn directly from Powersoft’s experts and gain certification upon completion.

“Created by our in-house experts, these courses are for anyone working in the professional audio market, so they can operate with specialist understanding on audio systems, and gain an expert’s insight into our audio products,” said Marc Kocks, Powersoft’s application engineering consultant manager.

The courses cover three main areas of the audio market: live sound, install and OEM technologies, and are split into different levels; basic, intermediate, and advanced.

In the Live Sound and Install courses, users will be taught how to utilise Powersoft’s products to deliver the best sound quality to future audiences. As well as providing a concrete overview of ArmoníaPlus, the courses will give users a complete overview of how to build effective sound systems that can be tailored to the specific needs of the installer.

The OEM course, aimed at manufacturers and OEM partners, will enable trainees to gain a deeper understanding of Powersoft’s core technologies and learn how to implement them in order to upgrade their products using Powersoft’s ecosystem of OEM solutions.

Once a course is complete, the trainee will receive a certificate of completion.

“These free courses, in addition to our webinars, have been designed to give users across the audio industry a chance to build upon their knowledge and gain new skills when installing audio systems and utilising Powersoft products,” said Kocks.  “It’s our hope that, with the launch of this Education Programme, we will be able to continue to support the audio industry’s development.”

Powersoft are also hosting a number of webinars in the coming weeks which will be uploaded to the training portal after the event. Register early using the links below:

  • 25th May: Remote monitoring and Control Using ArmoníaPlus and Third Party plug-ins: 6AM / 2PM / 8PM CET – Register here
  • 8th June: Workflow and System with Dynamic Music Distribution: 6AM / 2PM / 8PM CET – Register here
  • 15th June: Dynamic Dante Patching and System Configurations: 6AM / 2PM / 8PM CET – Register here

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