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Q-SYS VisionSuite Training Now Available

The comprehensive training certification is comprised of four courses.


30 April 2024

Q-SYS, a division of QSC LLC, has announced the launch of the Q-SYS VisionSuite Training. This certification enables students to train on fundamentals Q-SYS VisionSuite technologies, equipping them with the skills to become proficient in commissioning AI-based intelligent collaboration experiences across various scenarios.

This comprehensive training certification is comprised of four courses, covering intelligent video-based presenter tracking and intelligent audio-based camera switching. “Level One” courses for both experience disciplines are available on-demand and were produced with real-world insight and high production value flare as the rest of its award-winning on-demand training curriculum. “Level Two” courses are conducted in-person by experienced application engineers, either in the field or in state-of-the-art Q-SYS Experience Centers, with focus on best practices and peer learning exercises.

While students work towards completing all courses to achieve their Q-SYS VisionSuite certification, they can choose to start with either intelligent audio training or intelligent video training, depending on which path aligns more immediately with their customers’ installation requirements.

“Q-SYS VisionSuite Certification is not only a testament to our commitment to making curriculum enjoyable, targeted and accessible, but to our end customers who will be the first to experience these kinds of next-generation Q-SYS systems,” says Patrick Heyn, Vice President of Marketing at Q-SYS. “Our students will walk away from this certification feeling confident and fully prepared to deliver a world-class collaboration experience as only Q-SYS systems can deliver.”


For more information about the Q-SYS VisionSuite Training, please visit:


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Issue 27