Issue 28

Revealing Remote Learning Research By Barco

Did you know that 97% of organisations are now using virtual classrooms to support learning and development?


28 January 2021

New research shows virtual classrooms are powering learning through the pandemic and beyond, but still have untapped potential for high value people development.

The insights are part of new research conducted by Fosway Group, European HR industry analyst, in partnership with Barco. It follows Fosway research earlier in 2020 which showed that 95% of learning leaders believe L&D changed forever due to the pandemic.

As working and learning shifted remotely, the explosion in virtual classroom solutions usage was inevitable. But the research digs beyond initial crisis adoption to understand if solutions are truly suitable for learning and people development. For example, the research shows that 70% of organisations are using Microsoft Teams as virtual classroom, but only 10% rate it as effective.

L&D leaders also assert that creating a differentiated experience from regular virtual meetings is critical. Designing experiences that include high levels of interaction are necessary to make virtual learning work.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway states: “Virtual classrooms have been a staple in corporate learning for a long time (…) But as time goes on, organisations must go beyond lowest common denominator solutions and have to also deliver against strategic people initiatives such as leadership and team development.”

This research was carried out between August and October 2020, with initial results based on input from 136 enterprise organisations across Europe.




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Issue 28