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15 January 2016

d&b b22 sub

d&b audiotechnik introduces the B22: a multipurpose omnidirectional subwoofer that’s a new take on the brand’s well known and loved B2-SUB. The B22-SUB houses two 18” neodymium drivers in an efficient bandpass horn design producing high SPL and an extended frequency response. Intended for ground stacked applications, the omnidirectional B22-SUB promises increased performance, a modern appearance and improved internal cabinet bracing.

The B22-SUB is the largest d&b omnidirectional subwoofer, but when used in multiples of three and in CSA mode (Cardioid Subwoofer Array), they exhibit impressive rejection towards the rear. To increase flexibility, the B22-SUB can also be operated in INFRA mode, which extends the frequency response to supplement other d&b subwoofers. When used as an infrabass system, the B22-SUB performs down to 32 Hz, with an upper operating range of 68 Hz, compared to the standard mode, which operates from 37 Hz to 90 Hz.

d&b ds10

“The B2-SUB needs no introduction,” said d&b Product Manager Marcus Bäumler. “Demand for the B2 has been constant since it’s launch in 1994, but cabinet design and modelling has come a long way since then. The B22-SUB exploits the high output power of the d&b D80 amplifier to the full. It has familiar B2 characteristics, but with higher performance and a modern twist.”

d&b has also released the DS10 audio network bridge, designed specifically for d&b amplifiers. It provides 16 AES3 output channels via Dante through Ethernet, four AES3 input channels, and an integrate five-port network switch. In use, the DS10 allows multiple channels to be sent from the console to amplifiers using a single network cable, where it distributes the audio signals to the AES3 inputs within the d&b amps.

More than just an interface between the Dante audio transport protocol and the d&b amplifiers, four AES3 input channels enable use as a Dante break-in from a front-of-house console. Additionally, the DS10 offers a ‘Bypass’ mode, which allows operation as an AES3 splitter, directly distributing the four AES3 input channels to all AES3 outputs.

The wide range power supply is suitable for mains voltages 100–240V, 50–60Hz, and features Overvoltage protection of up to 400V.

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