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14 April 2016


The new Wings IOBox Pro network control device from AV Stumpfl weighs just 240gms but is capable of controlling a building’s entire automation, audiovisual and lighting systems.                                   

“Removing the need for PC-based control, AV Stumpfl has taken the tried and tested IObox adding several new performance features. It is the most compact but scalable media control solution available on the market today allowing for advanced control of audiovisual and building functions,” said Tobias Stumpfl, CEO at AV Stumpfl.

One of the new features of the Pro version is its ability to host a HTML5 touch user interface using a built-in webserver.

Wings IObox Pro comes with full support for the worldwide KNX home and building control standard protocol, and has direct group address access from Engineering Tool Software (ETS) using the award-winning AV Stumpfl Avio network that uses a unique abstraction layer and virtual architecture.

A built-in scripting host for LUA scripts ensures smarter systems with virtually unlimited functionality. Many ready-to-use logical components are included and these range from simple and/or gates to delay scripts, XML parsing and many other useful tools. Custom script creation is simplified by real-time debugging, script creation wizards and step-by-step tutorials. Up to 20 LUA scripts can be used on a single Wings IObox Pro.

Further adding to systems functionality, hosting of 10 UDP/TCP network device drivers enhances connectivity especially for audiovisual devices and third party systems.

A new web configuration utility ensures device configuration and status monitoring. Avio management system ports provide systems status within the network. Critical backup and restore to SDCard is improved and the unit is rack mountable and compact.

“Each device is a fully functional and complete media control solution that can be used for boardrooms, residential applications and other corporate installations. For larger projects or ones that require more processing power, more IObox devices can be added to a network ensuring that the system is scalable and future proof,” adds Tobias Stumpfl.

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