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ClearOne Launches Wide-Angle ePTZ Camera

UNITE 60 4K offers AI-powered speaker tracking and 120-degree field of view.


4 November 2022

ClearOne, a leading full line provider of professional communications, conferencing, and collaboration solutions, has announced the introduction of ClearOne UNITE 60 4K camera. The new wide-angle 4K USB camera featuring AI-powered smart face and voice tracking, along with electronic PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) capabilities.

With a 120° field of view, and a plug-and-play USB 3.0 connection for video, control, and power, the new UNITE 60 camera is ideally suited for rooms such as executive offices, huddle rooms or smaller conference rooms.

“ClearOne is consistently advancing what’s possible for virtual collaboration to help companies, knowledge workers and educators communicate clearly and efficiently across the globe,” said ClearOne Interim CEO Derek Graham. “With ultra-easy setup, support for all leading virtual meeting platforms, 4K video quality and AI-based tracking of speakers or framing of groups, the UNITE 60 camera fits perfectly in small meeting spaces and home offices while also providing an affordable entry point for classrooms where educators move around and need a tracking camera,” Graham added.

Whether a meeting is held on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx or other leading services, the camera’s automatic or remote-controlled digital PTZ ensures remote attendees always have a clear view of local participants. 

The UNITE 60 camera leverages a wide dynamic range and super-high SNR with advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction to deliver excellent visuals across varied lighting conditions. In addition to the AI auto-tracking feature, the camera can also be controlled via IR remote or UVC protocol. The camera can be paired with a wide variety of microphones and speakers.

The UNITE 60 camera can be mounted to any monitor using its standard damping rotary shaft support.

This new camera will be sold through ClearOne’s commercial channels.

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