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30 September 2014

Australia’s Atomos has entered the battery market with what it says is the most advanced power management offering in decades. Unveiled at IBC 2014 last month, the Power Station offers continuous power in the field and in the studio for all production devices.


“The Power Station is the Anton Bauer for the masses,” says Atomos CEO and founder Jeromy Young. “With Power Station we’ve solved perhaps the biggest problem of all ­ the need for an endless supply of power. You don’t need massive batteries or multiple batteries for different devices anymore. The Power Station allows you to use smaller lighter more affordable camera batteries and output up to three DC streams for cameras, monitors, recorders and lighting. It also doubles as a super-fast charger for your batteries – finally a complete solution.”

Dual DC outputs and included splitter cable allow powering of up to three DC devices, and with a maximum output of 5W, users can charge an entire rig from DSLR and lighting to monitors and recorders. Meanwhile the dual USB power source allows users to charge a single high-powered 2A device such as an iPad, or two lower powered 1A devices. For more juice, just swap the dead primary battery for a new one while the secondary battery continues the job.

Independent left and right LED displays on the front of the device give a five-step visual guide on power remaining for each battery, and DC adapters are available for popular cameras including the A7, GH4, 5DMKIII, FS700 and C100.

Power Station will be available from late October 2014.

Source: media release

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Issue 28