Epson Releases the latest Epson EH-LS800 Projector

Epson EH-LS800 ultra-short throw smart streaming laser projector produces immersive gaming and movie experiences


30 November 2023

The avenues in which consumers enjoy their favourite content continue to evolve and projection technology is innovating in parallel. Meeting the demand for displays that deliver bigger, sharper and more immersive viewing – even in brightly lit rooms – is the Epson EH-LS800 4K PRO-UHD Ultra Short-Throw 3-Chip 3LCD Smart Streaming Laser Projector.

The EH-LS800 laser projector combines an advanced ultra-short throw lens with a laser-array light source to produce vivid colours and deep blacks. Delivering next-generation, ultra-short throw technology, the EH-LS800 laser projector offers a stunning 4K HDR viewing experience up to 150-inches for exceptionally bright, colourful and sharp projection in virtually any environment.

Streaming live sports games with an epic, larger-than-life picture from the comfort of your home is the next big thing to being physically at a game. The EH-LS800 laser projector brings an astounding viewing experience with complete content immersion, while only needing to be placed inches from the wall. With a display size up to 150-inches, avid sports fans, gamers and movie enthusiasts will feel like they are part of all the action.

The EH-LS800 laser projector is equipped with proprietary 4K PRO-UHD 3-chip 3LCD technology and an incredible 4,000 lumens of colour and white brightness producing outstanding colour brightness and accuracy.

The projector also includes the Latest Android TV interface with a simple-to-use remote – including voice search with built-in Google Assistant to watch your favourite streaming channels – and features an impressive built-in 2.1 channel virtual surround system from Yamaha.

The EH-LS800 also supports 4K HDR content with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and comes equipped with a dedicated HDMI port for gaming, supporting 1080p/120 Hz signals and under 20ms input lag.

Featuring a sleek, modern design that sits inches from the wall for obstruction-free viewing, the EH-LS800 fits seamlessly into a range of décor styles. From watching live sporting events to gaming on the latest consoles or streaming a blockbuster movie this projector was built to impress users.

EH-LS800 key feat­ures include:

  • 4K PRO-UHD— A new type of 4K experience, utilising advanced processing for resolution enhancement, colour and image processing
  • Screen Size up to 150-inches— Get closer to courtside for sports and gaming, or centre stage for your favourite movies with an immersive big picture; unlike regular-throw projectors, it offers hassle-free placement, projecting images up to 150-inches from just inches away
  • Ideal for Bright Rooms— True 3-chip 3LCD technology displays a full 4,000 lumens of colour and white brightness for every frame, allowing for outstanding colour accuracy while maintaining excellent colour brightness without any distracting “rainbowing” or “colour brightness” issues seen with other ultra-short throw projection technologies
  • Modern Ultra Short Throw Laser Design— Sleek ultra-short throw laser design seamlessly complements a variety of décor styles and audio/video furniture; features multi-point picture adjustment and individually adaptable feet for quick and easy setup
  • Supports the Latest Streaming, Gaming and Cable Boxes— Take maximum advantage of your favourite gaming consoles and streaming devices with three HDMI ports; fully compatible with virtually all colour formats, depths and spaces while simultaneously supporting 4K HDR content at a full 60 Hz; ideal for gaming content, one HDMI port is dedicated for gaming and supports 1080p/120 Hz signals
  • Auto Contrast Enhancement— The ambient light sensor automatically optimises the picture brightness according to the amount of environmental light, resulting in more contrast and a better sense of depth in the image
  • Epson Ambient Light Rejecting Screen — Available in 120-inch, these screens are engineered to absorb up to 90 percent of the ambient light to increase contrast and produce an astonishingly crisp picture
  • Amazing Built-in Sound by Yamaha— Built-in 2.1ch virtual surround system designed by Yamaha exclusively for Epson creates immersive sound performance; connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to use as standalone speaker
  • Smart Streaming Capability— Latest Android TV interface with a simple-to-use remote – including voice search with built-in Google Assistant; watch all your favourite streaming channels and more; even stream live TV

The Epson EH-LS800 Smart Streaming Laser Projector is available now at www.epson.com.au, www.epson.co.nz and via all authorised Epson resellers and partners.

For more on the Epson EH-LS800 Smart Streaming Laser Projector go to: https://www.epson.com.au/products/projector/EH-LS800B.asp


Epson Australia: 1300 361 054

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