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31 August 2014

Introduced at Integrate 2014 last week, Extron’s new SMP 351 is a H.264 streaming media processor for capturing and distributing live AV sources and presentations. With up to five inputs, the processor creates high-impact content by combining two high-resolution signals, a background image and metadata into dynamic layouts that enhance a presentation’s message.


The SMP 351 supports both live streaming and recording capabilities, allowing a presentation to be delivered anywhere a network can reach. Extron’s FlexOS embedded operating system makes it easily adaptable to new requirements, and applications can be uploaded to the SMP 351 to automate system operation using control ports.

The unit is a flexible, cost-effective solution for delivering presentations to a larger audience, says Extron’s VP of sales and marketing, Casey Hall. “The convergence of AV and IT creates new opportunities for AV systems, delivering presentations over IP networks with streaming and recording. With its comprehensive AV integration features and the FlexOS platform, the SMP 351 can be adapted to many system requirements. It delivers the flexibility, quality and performance that makes it a superior choice for streaming and recording.”

Its extensive streaming capabilities include the ability to stream and record simultaneously, and stream concurrently at two different resolutions and bit rates using a range of transport protocols and session management options. It creates MP4 media files that are directly compatible with virtually any software media player and popular content management system. MP4 recorded media can be saved to the internal solid state drive, a USB thumb drive, or a network storage directory to meet different application requirements.

Designed for use in professional AV systems, the SMP 351 can be controlled using serial RS-232, Ethernet, and four digital I/O ports. Install FlexOS applications onto the SMP 351 to interface with control ports and automate system operation.

The SMP 351 is complemented by Extron Streaming Content Manager – SCM software. SCM is used to administrate users, groups, and recordings produced by the SMP 351. SCM also processes the recorded media into file packages that provide a data-rich playback experience using the Extron Media Player – EMP, a browser based media player that can be operated from virtually any computer or mobile device.

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