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Jands Presents the Shure MXA901 Ceiling Array

The MXA901 sets a new benchmark in the realm of AV conferencing.


22 January 2024

Jands has announced the Australian launch of the Shure MXA901 Ceiling Array. This state-of-the-art audio solution offers the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, elevating the standard of AV conferencing audio capture.

The MXA901 sets a new benchmark in the realm of AV conferencing with its sleek, 13.5 inch diameter form factor, available in white, aluminium, and black. These elegant designs ensure seamless integration into any interior, making it an ideal choice for modern meeting spaces. Equipped with Single Zone Automatic Coverage technology, the MXA901 delivers exceptional clarity, capturing every speaker with precision, whether used alone in smaller rooms or in multiples for larger spaces. Its advanced IntelliMix DSP ensures echo- and noise-free audio, while the next-generation array architecture enhances natural speech and directional pickup.

Compatibility with major conferencing platforms, such as Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms, positions the MXA901 as the premier choice for low-profile, ceiling-mounted audio capture solutions in Australia.

What’s New in the MXA901?

The MXA901 boasts a discreet yet stylish design, blending effortlessly into diverse interior settings, particularly those with open ceiling configurations. Its versatile mounting options, including drop ceiling, flush, hard ceiling, pole, or suspension, cater to various installation needs. Additionally, its scalability allows for optimized use in small to medium-sized meeting rooms, with the option to extend coverage in larger spaces using multiple units.

Pricing and Availability

The MXA901 is available in three models, each priced at $6,695 with an expected delivery in March:

  • SHR-MXA901AL-R: Aluminium
  • SHR-MXA901B-R: Black
  • SHR-MXA901W-R: White

For more information, visit

Jands Australia: (02) 9582 0909



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