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23 June 2014

Christie Tiles

Christie is expanding its line of high brightness tiled displays with the introduction of the Christie Velvet line of built-to-order, high resolution indoor LED panels. Seamless to integrate and available in various pixel pitches, Christie’s LED tiles can display content in various indoor applications such as retail, casinos, museums, corporate lobbies and control room environments, where long-term reliability is required. “LED video walls have become a viable technology for many indoor applications,” said Richard Heslett, senior product manager, Christie.  “With their reliable 24/7 operation, fine pixels, and long life, many businesses are turning to LEDs, however, obtaining them to customer specifications has been a challenge for integrators and end users”. Depending on customers’ needs, Christie Velvet LED displays can be mounted in a variety of orientations, including curved, suspended from ceilings and structures or connected to each other to create a seamless array.

Australian Distributor: Christie Digital Systems Australia (07) 3844 9514 or www.christiedigital.com


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