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Martin VDO Atomic Bold Hybrid Lighting Fixture

Newest addition to VDO Atomic family combines high lumen output, full-colour LED and four versatile lights in one compact fixture


24 May 2021

Harman Professional Solutions introduces the Martin by Harman VDO Atomic Bold creative LED lighting fixture. Delivering a great range of functionality to support a range of applications, the VDO Atomic Bold combines leading features, looks and effects to make it one of the most sophisticated hybrid LED fixtures around.

High lumen output, true tungsten emulation, smart interlocking mechanics and a compact footprint make the VDO Atomic Bold powerfully versatile. Combining an audience blinder, strobe light, creative LED pixel/surface (beam and aura) and stage wash; the VDO Atomic Bold equips lighting designers with a full palette of application possibilities.

The fixture retains the same precision interlocking mechanics, same universal cabling and a similar look as its popular sibling, the VDO Atomic Dot, but is much larger with higher, full-colour LED lumen output. In addition to its unique, octagonal-shaped design that offers single light or large array configuration options, the VDO Atomic Bold features control via Martin’s proprietary P3 software and Art-Net, sACN and DMX protocols, allowing fixtures to be driven from a console, a video source or a mix of both.

While it is targeted to support rental customers and set and lighting designers working in concert/touring and TV shows, the VDO Atomic Bold is also a perfect fit for corporate clients and customers in the high-profile nightclub market.

“Creative LED offers lighting designers many opportunities to reflect the vision of the artist,” said Wouter Verlinden, Martin Creative LED Product Manager. “When we heard from designers just how many uses they were getting out of the VDO Atomic Dot, we knew that the next step in the evolution would be a larger fixture that could accomplish the same goals but bigger, bolder and in full colour.”

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Issue 27