11 March 2014

Avolites Media Ai Infinity Server + Screenshot


Avolites Media has announced the new S-Series Media Servers, along with the latest generation in the Infinity line, the Ai Infinity EX series. The Ai S2, S4 and S6 media server offer two, four and six Display Port / DVI outputs respectively. They feature 3rd generation PCI Express motherboards, graphics cards and RAID SSD drives along with 4K Ultra HD capability in the S4, S6 and S8 servers. The Dual Processor, highest specification S6 server also performs up to Apple Pro Res 4444 playback. All systems are supplied with a fully featured Ai Miami license, which allows for eight discrete fixture groups with four layers each, producing a total of 32 media layers. In addition, the Salvation Engine can be easily configured to provide up to 64 layers of PIPs with a single server. The Ai Infinity server has been upgraded to the Infinity EX. Like the S-Series, the Infinity EX now uses third generation PCI Express motherboards and graphics cards.

Australian Distributor: Universal Lighting Audio (ULA) Group 1300 852476 or www.ula.com.au


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