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Philips’ C-Line Corporate Display Range Available

Philips C-Line combines all functionality of a PC with convenience of a traditional wall mounted whiteboard; Crestron Connected certified. 


21 October 2020

The advanced interactive Philips C-Line display is now available in warehouses across EMEA. This new range of Crestron Connected V2 and Windows-powered range of collaborative displays brings all new levels of usability, creativity and compatibility to inspire any meeting environment, big or small. 

Unveiled at ISE 2020 and updated to meet the current needs and requirements for multi-location, online meetings caused by this year’s market conditions, the new Philips C-Line range has been designed to raise the bar for interactive displays and meeting room collaboration. Combining first-class UHD multi-touch screen technology and performance, premium and convenient design, with all the capabilities and functionality of an Intel Core i7 powered Windows 10 pro PC.

Available in a series of size variants, including the Android-powered 55” 6000 Series, C-Line provides a complete all-in-one-solution for large board rooms through to space-limited huddle areas, with each display armed with an extensive range of dedicated out-of-the-box features, delivering cutting edge connectivity, advanced presentation/whiteboard capabilities and seamless content sharing and video conferencing from the moment of installation.

Harold Niericker, Product Management Strategist for Signage, commented: “Whether working at home or in the office, meetings play a vital role in the decision making and success of almost any business. For some, up to 50 per cent of their working week can be spent in a meeting room, so every minute counts. Time costs money and sitting in silence while the host searches for the correct cable, the right source or attempts to resolve a compatibility issue, is a waste of resource. 

“With C-Line, we’ve worked with the market and our partners to create a solution that overcomes these and many other obstacles for an uncompromising, highly professional and highly reliable meeting room experience every time.”

Windows of opportunity 

Harnessing the familiarity of a traditional Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS PC – the de facto OS in enterprise environments – Philips C-Line has the power to transform traditional meetings, switching from often static and dictated-to affairs, into one that empowers and inspires people to take an active role, whether in the room, at home or even in another country.

With C-Line’s premium PCAP touch screen display – featuring edge-to-edge glass – participants in the room are encouraged to play an active role in any meeting, whether physically in the room, in another office, working from home, or even another country using their own devices, thanks to its seamless screen sharing capabilities.

C-Line’s multiple touchpoints encourage teams to physically work together directly on the display, controlled and managed either by hand, passive pen (supplied in the box as standard) or via traditional keyboard and mouse. Connection points, such as USB and HDMI, are conveniently located on the edge of the display for quick and easy access. The C-Line also supports Active Pen technology.

All work can be automatically saved, simply shared via third party email apps to all participants and/or securely stored in the cloud, reducing the need for note taking and ensuring attention spans are retained at all times. 

Familiarity meets the future 

Further helping to remove historical pains and frustrations, C-Line displays also provide the added benefit of being entirely tool-agnostic, meaning organisations can enjoy all the features and functionality from their new display, while continuing to use the solutions they are familiar with, such as Zoom, Skype for business and Microsoft Teams.

System administrators can integrate the displays, using their embedded professional version of the Windows operating system, into the corporate infrastructure strategy, whether this is a full Microsoft environment (Exchange, Teams, Azure, etc.) or, for example, a Google implementation (GSuite, Hangouts, etc.).

Connecting multiple devices to the main display is easy via existing Wi-Fi systems or by using the optional IMD T-Sync dongle to connect devices wirelessly from external networks with no configuration or additional software, simply plug and present. Up to four feeds can be displayed at the same time for optimal team collaboration and the source preview function allows hassle-free presentation even when a wired connection is required – all eliminating potential time-consuming compatibility and accessibility obstacles. 

Video conferencing

With additional accessories, such as audio soundbars and cameras, and supporting a wide range of video conferencing platforms, including popular programs such as Zoom and Skype, the new C-Line also combines all the functionality of a high-end video conferencing system. 

Niericker, concluded: “Meetings can be boring – but only if we let them be boring. Companies don’t employ people to sit and be silent. With C-Line, those people are able to truly express themselves, to speak out and play an active role in the meeting, showing their own value to others by letting their voice be heard. 

“The value of collaboration cannot be underestimated and with C-Line, we’re providing the tools to ensure staff are always inspired and businesses are able to be the best they can be by collaborating smarter.”

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