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31 October 2014

Designed specifically for the entertainment industry, Furman’s new F1500 UPS suits applications including live production, recording, broadcast, fixed installations, and for locations with a history of mains related issues (yes Perth, they’re talking to you).

F1500-UPS_E small

F1500-UPS_E-rear small

The use of uninterruptible power supply systems in production and commercial AV isn’t new, but those designed originally for IT applications have some serious limitations in this space: most are designed for stationery use, many don’t fit into standard pro audio racks, and some have noisy fans or obnoxious alarms. The F1500 addresses these issues and adds SMP surge protection, voltage regulation, true sine wave output, third party control and monitoring, and programmable non-critical load management.

Furman’s Australian distributor Jands recently sent a pre-release sample to the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, a venue that’s notorious for its mains-related issues, and received the following response from technical manager Graham Piper:

“I have nothing but good things to say in every respect. We’ve had our usual grab bag of power issues and the Furman F1500 UPS has been rock solid. The most appealing thing about it being that we can have the F1500 UPS sitting under the console in the auditorium and unlike other [IT designed] UPS units we’ve tried it never beeps or makes any other inappropriate noise in the theatre environment. Nothing bad to report about the unit at all.”

The F1500 UPS isn’t intended to replace the mains supply for an indefinite period, but to provide enough time for an orderly save and shutdown of vulnerable equipment, and to switch over to a backup power supply such as a generator.

Key features:

  • 1500VA battery backup maintains critical data and allows orderly shutdown in the event of a power outage
  • Series multi-stage protection (SMP) provides virtually maintenance-free AC surge suppression
  • Linear filtering technology (LiFT) for audio/video clarity
  • Extreme voltage shutdown (EVS) protects equipment from sustained overvoltage conditions
  • Dual learning IR blasters allow safe shutdown of remote components
  • RS-232 Interface provides custom open source programming and control
  • USB interface
  • Critical load management
  • AVR voltage regulation provides a consistent voltage output
  • BlueBolt technology (with optional TCP/IP card) provides remote control to reboot components, power equipment on or off, and monitor power quality from anywhere in the world
  • Optional rack ears included


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