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QSC Primo Outdoor Landscape Loudspeakers

AcousticDesign Series bollard enclosure is ruggedised for the elements while offering superior sound quality.


18 February 2022

QSC introduces the AcousticDesign Series Direct Weather Landscape (AD-DWL) loudspeakers featuring a sleek, elevated bollard enclosure design that allows sound to travel above obstructions while providing a rugged, impact-resistant solution for customised outdoor installations, all without comprising sound quality.

The Direct Weather Landscape Series includes the AD-DWL.180 loudspeaker (180° directional coverage) and the AD-DWL.360 loudspeaker (360° directional coverage), enabling designers to address individual space requirements by directing sound where it’s needed most, while the companion AD-DWL.SUB subwoofer enriches and extends the low-frequency sound profile. All models feature tamper-resistant base support and a subtle green enclosure to match most landscaping aesthetic, which is also paintable to allow for further customisation. 

For ease of installation, all loudspeakers in the AD-DWL Series share the same footprint for easy adjustments and provide a direct-to-concrete or in-earth base support for a secure permanent installation. In addition, the loudspeakers are built to endure the harshest outdoor environments with a durable polypropylene/fibreglass construction and stainless-steel hardware featuring an IP-55 (Ingress Protection) rating. 

The AcousticDesign Series Direct Weather Series offers the same premium sonic characteristics as the rest of the AcousticDesign Series, making it possible for users to mix-and-match between form factors to fit the unique needs of almost any application. Integrators can also take advantage of QSC Intrinsic Correction™ to simplify the tuning process with built-in custom QSC loudspeaker voicings via the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video, and control Platform or CXD Series amplifier platforms. 

“Creating a sonically pristine outdoor listening experience has become increasingly important in many applications,” says Daniel Sanez, Amplifier Product Manager, QSC. “AD-DWL expands the AcousticDesign Series to all types of weather, and is part of a flexible system designed to work together seamlessly to provide a premium sound experience.” 

QSC AD-DWL Series:


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