19 April 2015

Telemetrics’ new TG4M Track System is the latest in its TeleGlide camera track system line and uses a newly designed, streamlined trolley and track to minimise space requirements and deliver reliable, stable operation with almost no maintenance.


The TeleGlide series supports straight and curved tracks for television studio, conference room, sports and house of worship applications. The system is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) ready: no updates or retrofits are required, just the addition of the virtual interface box.

“The new design of the TG4M offers a track system that can operate effectively in smaller spaces,” says Telemetrics president Anthony Cuomo. “It can be ordered in custom lengths and curved sections that are easy to install on studio and newsroom ceilings.”

Stability and steadiness comes from a triple track system and long-lasting composite wheels for ultra-smooth motion the company says will last for years with no maintenance or wheel replacements. New to the design and unique in the industry is continual auto track-trolley alignment. Tracks can be mounted on either the floor or ceiling and configured in straight, C-, S- or L-shaped designs for maximum application flexibility.

The TG4M track frame is constructed of strong, lightweight aluminium components for ease of installation. It is ultra-quiet with smooth transitions between track sections, and has a trolley load capacity of 91kg (200 pounds). Like the original TeleGlide system, the TG4M is fully servo controlled, providing accurate preset positioning and repeatable motion. It’s compatible with all Telemetrics pan/tilt heads, extendable camera mounts, and control systems. Custom track lengths and cable management systems are also available.


Source: media release


Telemetrics: www.telemetricsinc.com


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