6 February 2018

Televic T-Council brings flexible software and hardware bundle solutions to the table to streamline the entire meeting workflow. With T-Council, it is easy for regional or city councils to make meetings a success.

Give full control to city clerks

  • Easy import of all crucial meeting information, participant data, agenda items, voting topics
  • All in one user interface with advanced meeting controls over: microphones, agenda, speech times, presentation
  • Clear visualisations of information sharing on hall displays, even with video overlay
  • Options to integrate with agenda management solutions

Provide transparency for citizens

  • Video follows audio
  • Participant names are embedded
  • Voting results are displayed over video
  • Stream meetings live or make meetings available
  • on demand
  • Search inside videos to jump straight to a point
  • of interest

Put the spotlight on councillors

  • Share information on signage screens in a beautiful way, even with video overlay
  • Increase your personal branding and give more visibility towards your constituents by streaming your live interventions
  • Use social media sharing to highlight your contributions

Televic: www.televic-conference.com
Australian Distributor: www.pavt.com.au


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