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7 October 2013

LSC APS Illustration


LSC is introducing three new products to the market. For the first time at PLASA, LSC will be showing a Clarity LX900 console. The flagship of the family, the LX900 was first released in December 2012 and the LX900 on show will be running version 2 of this software demonstrating all its new features. In acknowledgement of the changing demands of the marketplace, LSC is releasing a new intelligent power distribution unit called APS that is designed to remove the problems of collective in-rush currents and earth leakage of intelligent and LED fixtures causing unwanted breaker trips. The new APS solves these issues and also offers power monitoring of voltage and current both locally and remote. Last of the three, LSC will be showing a new data backbone system called DNA. Simple in its concept, this group of products allow for a data backbone of Cat5 cabling to be installed into a venue and offers a number of termination possibilities so that Ethernet or DMX512 can be run on the backbone. In other words, a venue can be wired for DMX512 distribution today and can later convert to Ethernet distribution if and when needed. In fact a combination of DMX512 and Ethernet can coexist on the same system.
Australian Distributor: LSC Light Systems (03) 9702 8000 or


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