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Waves Installation Mixer & DSP

Waves announces the CA3000-MX Commercial Audio Mixer for system integrators and installers.


2 June 2022

Waves Audio expands its commercial audio line with the introduction of the CA3000-MX Commercial Audio Mixer. The CA3000-MX is an installation audio mixer and processing engine that delivers ‘stellar sound quality’ for a wide range of single-room and multi-zone AV installations. CA3000-MX offers powerful mixing and built-in processing capabilities that can upgrade the sound of any installed audio system; it also offers the option to expand processing, by adding plugins from Waves’ massive catalogue. The CA3000-MX system is compatible with standard ASIO audio or Dante network configurations. 

Housed in a compact half-width 2U rack-mount chassis, CA3000-MX couples a powerful digital audio processing engine with an install-ready version of the industry-proven Waves eMotion LV1 mixer, supporting up to 32 stereo inputs, 24 stereo aux mix outputs plus L/R/C/M outs, and a 12×8 stereo matrix.  

Integration and setup of the system is straightforward: CA3000-MX integrates easily with standard ASIO audio device drivers, or with Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) audio networking.

Integrators can add any Waves plugins to the CA3000-MX, to customise the processing to their specific needs. Waves offers a massive selection of audio processing plugins to address issues with feedback suppression, dynamics control, source levelling, noise reduction, acoustic response, broadcast streaming optimisation, and more. 

Installations that require automatic mixing of multiple live microphones (such as corporate and government discussion panels), can also add the Waves Dugan Speech plugin as an optional purchase. Powered by Dan Dugan’s patented voice-activated process, Dugan Speech controls the gains of multiple microphones automatically and in real time, dramatically reducing noise, feedback and comb filtering from adjacent microphones. This capability offers integrators a superior solution for discussion panels, faith-based services and events, conferences, and any other event involving several microphones and multiple participants.

End-users can easily control preconfigured, fully customised audio settings, using the Waves mRecall audio scene recall app, to deliver superior sound quality to any commercial space.

Also new are updated versions of the Waves CA1000 and CA2000 Commercial Audio DSP Engines, now featuring more integration options: in addition to Dante compatibility, these units are now also ASIO-compatible. Furthermore, you can now control customised CA1000 and CA2000 settings remotely with the Waves mRecall Audio Scene & Snapshot App.

Waves CA 3000-MX Features

  • Studio-grade audio processing quality for AV installations
  • License includes an install-ready version of the Waves eMotion LV1 audio mixer 
  • Integrate quickly with your choice of vendor audio preamps, mics, line sources and amplifiers/speakers 
  • ASIO-compatible (USB or Ethernet)
  • Dante-compatible (1Gb Ethernet port)
  • Two versions available: 32 or 16 mono/stereo inputs
  • Up to 24 stereo aux mix and L/R/C/M outputs 
  • 12×8 mono/stereo matrix
  • Includes eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter, eMo Q4 Equalizer, eMo Generator plugins 
  • Integrates smoothly with the Dugan Speech plugin
  • Supports integrator addition of Waves plugins
  • Control pre-configured, customised scenes with mRecall mobile app
  • Integrator configuration: USB and HDMI/DisplayPort
  • Operating environment: Windows 10 and Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) included
  • Half-width, 2U rack- or surface-mount chassis
  • Free 1-year warranty

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