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Curious 12 Tales Exhibition

12 Korean folk tales presented in eclectic multimedia exhibition using Christie HS projectors and plenty of creative art direction.


20 December 2021

Christie 1DLP laser projectors are enchanting visitors with true-to-life visuals at a new exhibition dedicated to 12 Korean folktales depicting various deities, mythical creatures and plants that have been handed down over the generations.

Titled Curious 12 Tales, the multimedia exhibition is organised by media production firm Design Silverfish, and sponsored by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency. It is currently held at Insa Central Museum until July 25, 2022, and comprises 12 exhibition zones. Each zone focuses on a particular myth that has fascinated people of all ages, and features the ingenious use of technologies such as digital projections, virtual reality, augmented reality, and holograms.

Christie is one of the main sponsors of this captivating exhibition, supplying 16 D20WU-HS 1DLP laser projectors to deliver bright and lifelike images that bring these traditional folk tales to life. The projectors were installed by Christie’s local partner, SNC Alliance Co., Ltd. Curious 12 Tales is the second exhibition to be staged by Design Silverfish following the success of 2021 Delight Seoul earlier this year, which highlighted various aspects of culture and daily life in the South Korean capital.

“Curious 12 Tales showcases rich and immersive visuals that enable visitors to reinterpret in their own way these fantastic stories that transcend time and space, and discover anew the way we live in the present,” said Gyoung-tae Hong, CEO, Design Silverfish. “Just like how we approached our parents to tell us traditional folk tales, we want to pass on these timeless Korean stories to our children through the use of beautiful and interesting images at this exhibition. We hope that visitors will enjoy our rendition of these enduring stories.”

Paul Lee, sales manager, Enterprise, Christie Korea, commented, “We are delighted to participate in Curious 12 Tales as a sponsor. This is a high-quality multimedia exhibition showcasing amazing visuals based on a deep understanding of Christie’s display technologies, which is synonymous with the creation and delivery of exceptional experiences. This is a great opportunity for visitors to experience traditional Korean stories through wonderful images and spatial design.”

Visitors can enjoy highly detailed images by the Christie D20WU-HS laser projectors fitted discreetly on the ceiling in eight exhibition zones, namely “The Old Stories that Began with Stone and Wood”, “Story of Shadows”, “Reaching the Stars Beyond Our Mind”, “Will O’ the Wisps”, “The Letter of Summoning”, “Curious Tales”, “We Live with the Household Gods”, “Your Very Own Guardian Spirit”.

“The Letter of Summoning” showcases fascinating projection mapping on the floor and bookshelves

In particular, several D20WU-HS projectors, together with four-sided media mirrors deployed for spellbinding projections in “The Letter of Summoning”, successfully created an infinite space that breaks down the boundary between imagination and reality. Images of mythical creatures such as dragons, phoenixes and nine-tailed foxes appear on the floor and bookshelves that seemingly transport visitors to a new dimension.

Lee noted that Design Silverfish was very impressed with the performance of the Christie D20WU-HS laser projectors used for the 2021 Seoul Delight exhibition in January this year, which mesmerised audiences with excellent colour and contrast, thanks to Christie’s BoldColor Technology. “That’s why the D20WU-HS is once again the projector of choice for Curious 12 Tales,” he said. “With their compact footprint and omnidirectional capabilities, the D20WU-HS projectors are allowing public spaces and museums to reinvent themselves in extraordinary ways.”


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