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Marshall & The 37th America’s Cup

All-weather cameras help NYYC American Magic train.


7 February 2023

With its inaugural race dating back over 170 years, the America’s Cup is the highest prize in sailing and the oldest trophy in international sport, occurring roughly every three to four years. The 37th America’s Cup will take place in Barcelona in 2024, with NYYC American Magic as the New York Yacht Club’s (NYYC) challenger for the upcoming race. To help enhance training, the team sought assistance from Marshall Electronics cameras to capture unique footage for performance evaluations in extreme conditions.

Designed to withstand the effects of mother nature, the Marshall CV503-WP micro and CV226 lipstick cameras provide a professional solution for broadcast and proAV applications when conditions are less than perfect. Housed in a miniature IP67-rated body, the CV503-WP and CV226 offer flexible interchangeable lenses, easy remote adjust and match control, and protection from the elements. Not only are these all-weather POV cameras durable, but they also deliver detail, clarity and colour-accurate shots from challenging positions. When training in salt-water environments at high speeds, it’s no surprise that the CV503-WP and CV226 were optimal for the NYYC American Magic training sessions.

“When working so close to the water and at such high speeds, we needed lightweight, durable cameras that could hold up against the moisture and wind,” said Mechatronics Department member Edgar Cerda Sanchez. “After a few months of research, we found that the Marshall CV503-WP and CV226 fit our system perfectly, especially with the great video quality and IP67 protection rating. The cameras’ ease of use and setup for changing weather conditions is another benefit of using Marshall. In addition, the cameras inside the hull give us the perfect tool to capture the race and improve upon each practice run. We became accustomed to Marshall’s high quality, having used their cameras in a previous America’s Cup campaign, and both the CV503 and CV226 lived up to the expectations.”

Utilising both standard and custom brackets, twelve CV503-WP cameras were installed throughout the layout deck and hull of the NYYC American Magic vessel, PATRIOT. PATRIOT is an “AC75”, also known as an America’s Cup Class 75, a 75ft foiling mono-hull sailboat. Marshall’s CV226 is used in smaller, more discreet places, undisclosed to protect competitive advantage. The team can then watch full videos and review highlights from their practice sessions, providing an innovative tool to learn from inside the hull.

Viewers can catch NYYC American Magic race a smaller vessel, an AC40, in the next America’s Cup Preliminary Event this fall before they set sail in hopes of bringing home the America’s Cup trophy to the New York Yacht Club for the first time since 1983.

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