Issue 27

No Walls – No Problem

Audio-Technica solves a noisy problem.


2 May 2024

As the Singapore subsidiary of the Toyota Tsusho Group, the client is engaged in import, export and business development in a range of segments, including automotive, metals, chemical and polymer, and food and agribusiness. The company needed to improve the audio technology in a large (and noisy) open-office space to make small discussion areas feasible within the space.

An open floor plan with eight discussion areas makes Zoom calls challenging. The open-office space, roughly 40 m x 30 m, is divided into the eight discussion areas, each with a table and chairs set before a MAXHUB V6 Classic Series interactive display/whiteboard that the client uses to conduct Zoom Room meetings with off-site colleagues. In addition, there is a central café-like island in the space where a barista makes coffee for the staff, who might lounge and chat at surrounding tables. Because there are no walls or partitions in the space, conversation and other noise travels freely.

During Zoom Room meetings, that noise would often get picked up by the interactive display’s built-in microphone, leading to confusion for off-site colleagues on the call who would hear various lines of conversation – those of meeting participants and those from other discussion areas. So, the client went back to Ideal Systems, the audiovisual company that had introduced them to the MAXHUB displays, to see if they had any ideas for curtailing the pickup of extraneous ambient noise.

The Solution: Audio-Technica Engineered Sound (ES) Wireless

The client had been relying on the microphone built into each interactive display to capture the voices of meeting participants and relay that sound to off-site colleagues. While this might have sufficed in walled-off meeting rooms, in the client’s open setting the microphones were prone to picking up all manner of noise, making meetings difficult for remote participants to follow.

It was determined by Ideal Systems that a wireless system with highly directional microphones would solve the client’s problem. These microphones would pick up only the voices of meeting participants, preventing other room noise from feeding into Zoom Rooms. Of course, the wireless system would also need to work well with the client’s MAXHUB displays. Ideal Systems proposed the Audio-Technica Engineered Sound (ES) Wireless System with hypercardioid gooseneck microphones attached to desk stand transmitters.

Since expanding its video broadcast business to include an audiovisual department seven years ago, Ideal Systems has increasingly come to rely on Audio-Technica microphones in its projects. So, they were confident that the new ES Wireless System would provide the client with the high-performance, easy-to-use audio solution they were seeking.

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Issue 27