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14 May 2015


Telstra Customer Insight Centre (CIC) in Sydney is complete, and it looks to be an AV bonanza. Spanning 3600sqm over the entire second level of Telstra’s 400 George Street office in Sydney the new centre houses a 300-person auditorium, workshop and collaboration spaces, partner pop-up installations, a restaurant, and many hands-on technology demonstration areas featuring state-of-the-art business solutions.

Andy Bateman, Director of Segment Marketing at Telstra, explained that the new centre was designed to bring together leading-edge technologies, innovations and insights to shift customers’ expectations of what’s possible in their business – and how Telstra can help. “We care about developing deep, consultative relationships with our customers to deliver value that goes well beyond sales of products and services. The types of solutions that will drive growth and productivity for our customers are abundant, but rely on bringing together the right mix of partners, designers and system architects. The Customer Insight Centre is about bringing all those elements together and co-creating the right solution to give our customers a competitive advantage.”

To its credit, NanoLumens has got first to market with a story regarding its involvement. We’ll have plenty more to come in coming weeks and months.


NanoLumens worked with its regional sales representative, Digital Place Solutions, and Portland, Oregon-based design firm Downstream to achieve the goal of realising a digitally intimate experience through the creation of three ‘digital connection zones’. The zones consist of a 300-seat auditorium whose focal point is the NanoLumens NanoSlim Engage 2.5mm native 4K display. The 7.5m x 7.5m display — nearly 25sqm — brings high resolution images into the theatre. That theme is extended to the centre’s Partnership Hub — a Stonehenge-like assembly of three 4.5mm pixel-pitch NanoCurve displays (3.02m x 4.3m, 3.02m x 8.3m and 3.02m x 3.46m) that go from floor to a reflective ceiling and create an immersive space where product and services solutions take on both intimacy and immediacy.


The centre’s Insight Ring, which uses a 1.87m x 7.34m NanoCurve display in 4.5mm pixel pitch, accomplishes this immersive effect within a unique curved space that is enveloped by a circular enclosure that’s suspended at 17° in the centre’s newly created visitor reception area to convey at once a sense of intimacy and openness. There, visitors will be welcomed with bits of their own information, such as their names and titles, via RFID-enabled badges given to them by Telstra. Information about products and services useful to them will be shown on the same display.


Almir DeCarvalho, NanoLumens Vice President of Strategic Accounts: “All aspects of this project were custom, from the seamless, curved LED walls that make up the Partnership Hub and Insight Ring to the NanoLumens LED Theatre Wall — the first 2.5mm LED display capable of receiving a true 4K signal. In collaboration with our partners, we custom-designed and engineered the displays in the United States and prepared them for final assembly by Telstra Ivision across the world in Australia, on time and on budget.”

NanoSlim Engage is the company’s new hi-res, large-scale visualization solution. The installation at Telstra marks the first time that this solution has been installed in a customer environment.

“This is one of a series of important new installations that are now underway in Australia and New Zealand,” DeCarvalho said. “The region is a major focus of our expansion efforts, both now and over the next several years.  Stay tuned to what follows because we have some very exciting projects underway!”

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