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Riedel Communications Honoured

Television Academy’s Engineering, Science, and Technology Emmy Award for Bolero wireless intercom.


21 August 2023

Riedel Communications has been named a recipient of the Television Academy’s 75th Engineering, Science, and Technology Emmy Awards. Riedel’s innovative Bolero ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver) wireless intercom system has been recognised by the esteemed organisation for its contributions to and impact on television production. Since its introduction in 2017, Bolero has been deployed in hundreds of productions, often enabling development of new workflows and use cases.

Riedel’s founder, owner, and Group CEO, Thomas Riedel; VP of product development, Jake Dodson; and product managers Wolfgang Fritz and Jiou-Pahn Lee were among 25 recipients, over 10 award categories recognised this year by the Television Academy.

“We have been in the sports, broadcast, and entertainment business for a long time, and we saw a need to build a better wireless intercom: Bolero,” said Thomas Riedel. “Bolero became a global standard in its field in an impressively short time, exceeding even our own expectations, and it is our most successful product to date. We owe this achievement to the talented experts on our team who blend business and technology expertise seamlessly. This award is an incredible recognition of their hard work across research, design, and innovation, which led to the development of this game-changing technology. This Emmy Award cements Riedel’s position as a forward-looking leader in professional audio, video, data, and intercom technology, and it underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enable our customers to produce better events and tell better stories.”

Riedel’s Bolero system supports up to 250 beltpacks and 100 antennas in a single deployment. A battery life of 17+ hours and optional stand-alone operation, which doesn’t require a base station, makes Bolero convenient to use. With features such as ADR with multidiversity and antireflection technology for greater RF robustness, ‘Touch&Go’ beltpack registration, and versatile operation — as a wireless beltpack, wireless keypanel, and walkie-talkie — plus, Bluetooth support and a bottle opener, Bolero has redefined the wireless intercom category.

The Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards are awarded to a living individual, a company, or a scientific or technical organisation for developments and/or standardisation involved in engineering technologies that either represent so extensive an improvement on existing methods or are so innovative in nature, that they materially have affected television. A committee of highly qualified engineers working in television considers technical developments in the industry and determines which, if any, merit an award.

Riedel will receive the 2023 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award at an Oct. 18 ceremony in Los Angeles. This award represents the fourth Emmy Award received by Riedel over its 30+-year history. The company earlier earned Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for its work with Red Bull Stratos and Red Bull Air Race. The Bolero system itself received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2019.



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