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AV Interview: Henrik Holm, Arthur Holm

The name Arthur Holm is synonymous with uber-luxe boardrooms where displays rise from desks and microphones appear from nowhere. But where is Arthur Holm’s place in today’s collaboration spaces?


24 June 2024

Interview:/ Christopher Holder

Arthur Holm’s systems have always looked ideal for a James Bond master villain. If you’re decking out a boardroom for your volcano lair, then Arthur Holm would be the first name in your teledex. The truth is, Arthur Holm product is intrinsically high end but you don’t need to be a billionaire tech-bro to afford it – that said, you do need to design for it. Founded by Henrik Holm, the company merges Danish minimalistic design with cutting-edge technology to create unique, interactive solutions for meeting rooms and conference environments. We caught up with Henrik at Infocomm24.

AV: What was the impetus behind establishing Arthur Holm?

Henrik Holm: Arthur Holm is deeply rooted in my Danish background and the Scandinavian minimalistic approach. Growing up in a family involved in furniture manufacturing, I inherited an appreciation for design. In Denmark, even the most basic household items come in numerous, beautifully designed variations because people spend a lot of time indoors and invest in well-designed objects. This cultural heritage significantly influences our products. The name Arthur Holm is a tribute to my uncle, reflecting our Scandinavian roots and my personal connection to him.

AV: What sets Arthur Holm apart?

Henrik Holm: We focus on creating tools that facilitate effective communication. Our goal is to minimise interference, whether acoustic or visual, and to enhance natural interaction around a table. We design products that blend seamlessly into the meeting environment, allowing participants to focus on each other rather than the technology. Our DynamicShare system, for example, allows everyone to have their own screen and microphone, making communication more intuitive. Additionally, when the AV equipment is not needed, it can be discreetly hidden, turning the room into a versatile space for any purpose.

Arthur Holm makes a strong case for keeping mics and displays up close and personal.

AV: What distinguishes your technology and intellectual property?

Henrik Holm: We pride ourselves on designing everything in-house, giving us complete control over our products. Our motorised systems, which allow technology to appear and disappear seamlessly, are a significant aspect of our innovation. We hold over 33 patents on various solutions, ensuring our products are reliable and long-lasting. We were the first to offer a five-year warranty, and many of our installations from 17 years ago are still operational, though some clients upgrade to newer digital formats.

Our products can also be found in mission-critical applications and installed in tough environments like yachts. Reliability and attention to detail are crucial, especially for our high-profile clients who cannot afford downtime.

AV: Increasingly, the trend is to get tech off the table. Your thoughts?

Henrik Holm: While it’s true that many in the industry are moving in that direction, we believe in keeping technology close to the user. People are increasingly using personal devices like phones and tablets, which offer proximity and control that larger displays cannot. When presentations designed on smaller screens are projected onto large displays, vital details can be lost, and the natural flow of communication is disrupted. By giving each participant their own screen and microphone, we maintain a 1:1 communication ratio, enhancing clarity and engagement.

AV: Is this approached still acknowledged as the collaboration ‘gold standard’ in the no-expense-spared meeting rooms?

Henrik Holm: Absolutely. The highest-standard meeting rooms understand the value of our approach. They recognise that having individual screens and microphones enhances communication and ensures that no information is lost. Our solutions are particularly effective in addressing acoustic challenges and maintaining a natural flow of conversation. Instead of adapting the room to the technology, our products allow the technology to adapt to the room, providing flexibility and reliability.

AV: What’s getting you excited currently?

Henrik Holm: One of the most exciting developments is our advancement with USB-C technology. We’ve been successful with motorised retractable cables, and now we’re integrating USB-C, which supports high-quality video, charging, and data transfer. This development addresses a common issue where cables disappear because people unintentionally take them after a meeting. Our new displays and the reliable, long-lasting motorised USB-C solution are significant advancements. This innovation ensures our products remain indispensable in modern meeting environments.

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we believe in keeping technology close to the user. People are increasingly using personal devices like phones and tablets, which offer proximity and control that larger displays cannot


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