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All For One & One 4K

AVer releases the A30 4k all-in-one purpose camera.


5 September 2022

AVer Information Inc., a provider of education technology solutions, announced the launch of the innovative A30, an all-in-one multifunctional camera designed to be used as both a document camera and a webcam for distance learning collaboration experience. With AI technology, dual display interface, and a camera, microphone, and speaker all packed in one, the A30 is ready to provide and elevate the teaching experience with unprecedented interactivity. 

In addition to its flexibility and premium quality, the A30 delivers the following features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution. Whether taking images or videos, the A30 will capture details perfectly with its 13-megapixel camera
  • Diverse Camera Angles. The A30 an extendable, foldable arm and adjustable camera head to capture people and documents/objects at various angles
  • HDMI & USB Outputs. HDMI and USB output ports for video streaming, for compatibility with most classroom display monitors. Picture-in-Picture mode is accessible by plugging an external camera into the second USB port
  • AI Technology. Enjoy fluid communication with AI Acoustics, using AI noise-suppression and echo-cancellation technology, and AI Image Rotation, which displays the image in the correct orientation
  • AVerTouch. Intuitive software to enhance remote teaching with single touch recording. 

As AVer is both a Google Cloud Partner and Google for Education Partner, teachers can also take images and videos via Google Classroom and enable cloud sync to automatically backup any annotations, screenshots, and recordings. By combining it with the camera, this software will help enrich the overall teaching experience with unprecedented interactivity.

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Issue 18