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Feel The Beat With PTZOptics

New DANTE & MIDI enabled PTZ cameras.


5 April 2023

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of MIDI, PTZOptics will be displaying its new LINK 4K camera line which features the popular DANTE audio and video over IP protocol at this year’s NAMM. Whether you’re a musician or video producer of online shows, these new MIDI-enabled LINK 4K Cameras are something to check out. 

DANTE, or Direct Audio Network Technology Exchange, is an audio over IP protocol that allows a reliable, low-latency connection for multiple digital audio devices over a network. DANTE enables users to route their audio signals through multiple devices into a single ethernet-connected audio mixer, for example. DANTE AV-H is the latest video extension to the DANTE ecosystem which allows for FullHD video to be routed within a local area network (LAN). 

Musicians are increasingly taking advantage of live streaming technology to connect with their fans and build relationships. The MIDI Association is dedicated to helping MIDI users take advantage of new live streaming technologies such as audio mixers, control interfaces, and now PTZ cameras. MIDI which can complement many DANTE systems, enabling musicians to send commands directly to hardware devices on the DANTE network. With PTZOptics LINK 4K cameras, users can now reach a whole new level of interactivity and control in their performances. MIDI-enabled cameras allow musicians to control pan, tilt, zoom and preset adjustments using their current MIDI hardware and software.

The MIDI Association is excited to showcase all the latest MIDI-enabled products at the NAMM show this year. Attendees will have the chance to get a first-hand experience of the latest MIDI-enabled technology and speak with professionals from around the world.

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Issue 26