2 April 2015

Calrec Audio has announced a free, comprehensive program of online training videos on Summa, its newest audio console. The training course is designed to educate operators on the complete setup and use of the console, as well as on design philosophies and general audio engineering principles.


Calrec's new Summa console.
Calrec’s new Summa console.

The Summa training course is divided into six modules, which are further broken down into chapters comprising short animated videos that can be viewed in any sequence. Chapters include channel strip controls, EQ, dynamics, fader controls, mix minus, creating channels, moving and cloning paths, memory management, on-air protection, and more.

“For Calrec, customer support is a top priority that requires unwavering commitment, and a big part of that commitment involves customer education,” says Calrec’s head of sales and marketing, Henry Goodman. “Face-to-face training isn’t always possible due to budget, availability, and geographical reach. That’s why we felt strongly about giving people free, easily accessible tools that teach them how to set up and use Summa, especially given the global popularity of the console.”

The Summa training course is part of the UK company’s increased focus on training. Its audio and network primers are available as free downloads for individual operators and freelance mixers, and have also been adopted by a wide range of educational establishments.

Operators can access the training videos, along with Calrec’s free audio and network primers at the company’s website linked below.


Source: Calrec media release


Calrec: calrec.com

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Syncrotech Systems: (02) 9879 0800 or www.ssd.com.au




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