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9 April 2014



AJA Video Systems has released FS1-X, a compact single rack-mount frame synchronizer and converter designed to match up disparate audio and video formats in broadcast, mobile and post-production environments. FS1-X supports up, down and cross-conversion between SD and HD signals ensuring the highest quality output possible. Featuring a flexible architecture, FS1-X simultaneously works with 3G/HD/SD-SDI 10-bit video and incorporates a large number of embedded audio, AES, MADI and analogue audio channels. FS1-X is available with a Frame Rate Converter (FRC) option. FS1-X’s motion adaptive linear FRC offers motion conversion between a wide range of frame rates, including 1080p 50 to 59.94. FS1-X also features a keyer configuration, allowing incoming signals to be combined. In the case of sidebar keying, where incoming video is converted from SD to HD, rather than stretching the 4:3 aspect ratio to fit in a 16:9 frame, a second signal is used to fill the side of the 16:9 frame. This allows channel identification or other imagery to be placed in that area rather than having black bars on either side. The AFD features of FS1-X ensure that the aspect ratio of the outgoing signal is properly identified for downstream devices. Full details and specs are on www.aja.com

Australian Distributor: Digistor 1800 643 789 or www.digistor.com.au


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