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PLENA high-performance BGM/PA sound system cuts installation time and running costs


22 September 2013

BLR_7627PLENA matrix Digital Sound System

  • „  Powerful 8×8 matrix control and audio processing
  • „  Quick installation, easy set up and use
  • „  Intelligent power management system
  • „  Ideal for small to medium venues requiring sound distribution in up to 8 zones

With audio quality that can be tailored for a wide range of applications – including live music, recorded background music, and speech – the PLENA matrix system is ideal for just about any small to medium installation. Venues such as pubs, gyms, hotels, restaurants, bars, houses of worship, and education facilities, to name a few, can now experience professional audio with a cost-effective and easy-to-install platform.

The system includes an 8-zone DSP matrix mixer/processor, 4-channel DSP amplifiers (100V/70V/8 ohm/4 ohm), call stations and wall control panels. Live or recorded music and speech can be distributed in up to eight zones with easy control via PC GUI, iPad, iPod or iPhone.

PLENAHigh-performance sound
The PLENA matrix comes with a full-featured 8×8 DSP Mixer/Processor and a choice of two high-performance 4-channel, class D, DSP Power Amplifiers (125 W and 220 W per channel). Low THD values (0.004% DSP Mixer, 0.03% 220 W Amplifier) and wide frequency responses (20 Hz to 20 kHz DSP Mixer and 65 Hz to 20 kHz DSP Amplifiers), guarantee quality results.

DSP mixer input controls include multi-band equalizing, gain control and dynamic range compression on each input. Output controls include multi-band equalizing, filtering, dynamic range compression, delay and limiting, plus the ability to mix several inputs for up to eight outputs in real time.

Combined with quality loudspeakers including the EV, Dynacord or Bosh range, the system will produce superb audio, in even the most demanding environments.

Reduced Cable Runs and Installation Time
PLENA matrix has been designed with the audio consultant, integrator and installer in mind. A single-cable approach (CAT5) for connection of all PLENA matrix components, and daisy chaining of call stations and wall control panels, enables reduced cable runs and eliminates cable stripping. Furthermore, the powerful and yet intuitive system GUI, allows integrators and system administrators to very quickly set up the electro-acoustic performance using industry-standard features.

Intelligent Power Management Feature Reduces Running Costs
Environmental aspects and running costs have also been paid attention to. When used with Bosch motion detectors, the amplifiers switch to “Auto-Standby” mode if zones are inactive. Standby Mode consumes just 6 W of power compared to 254 or 412 W (depending on the amplifier) at ­-6 dB. This equates to a power consumption reduction of 97 to 99%. In typical daily usage situations, running costs can be reduced in excess of 50%. The amplifiers’ life time is also dramatically extended through the reduction in duty cycles on the power supply. Standby Mode can also be activated manually using the software interface.

Amp GUI MainPowerful and flexible control options including iOS app
The PC GUI software is designed around the needs of the integrator and the system administrator. Although straightforward and intuitive, the amplifier and processor DSP feature sets are powerful to get the audio setup done professionally and quickly. The software allows for the creation and quick recall of “scene” settings, and in order to eliminate tampering from “helpful” staff, access to advanced-user functions can be password protected. Additionally, control over Ethernet networks allows PLENA matrix to integrate easily with a wide range of building management and control systems.

For the end user, wireless control via the iOS app on an iPad, iPod or iPhone is provided for both the DSP mixer and amplifiers. By simply selecting a particular zone or channel, adjustment of the mix levels and master volume takes seconds. The app provides freedom of movement, allowing the fast evaluation of settings in each zone. Finally, wall control panels can be used for individual zones to control volume and source.

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