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14 July 2015

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A comprehensive HK Audio Elements system has been chosen to provide sound reinforcement at the recently completed 500-capacity Siksa-dong Catholic Church in Korea.

The three-floor church, which was built over a five-year period and completed in early 2015, required a powerful yet inconspicuous sound system, and Daikyung Prosound Seocho – an appointed dealer of HK Audio’s South Korean distributor, Sama Prosound – was called upon to perform the installation.

To perfectly match the church’s size and interior stylings, Daikyung Prosound Seocho settled on an Elements system composed of two E435 A Install Kit units, six standard E435s, two E110 Sub As and two E110 Subs for the main speaker system, alongside two E435 A Install kits with two E435s for subs. In addition, two E435 A Install Kit units and two E435s were installed to act as a monitor system for the church’s choir.

Jin-wook Kim, Daikyung Prosound Seocho’s CEO, said: “The most important consideration we had to make for this project was finding an audio system that would sound great without disrupting the splendid interior looks of the church. Elements fulfilled our requirements completely: the mid/high columns have an appearance which works in perfect harmony with the church’s interior, and because Elements features the benefits of line array technology, worshipers anywhere in the church can be assured of hearing remarkably well-defined speech.”

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One other issue to be overcome during the installation was that of front fill speaker coverage for the central parts of the church’s front two rows, as well as monitor speakers for the priest on stage. Normally, these would be set up in front of the stage, but such an arrangement here would have disrupted onstage activities and detracted from the church’s attractive interior. To solve this problem, Jin-wook Kim turned to Sama Prosound’s Sound Technology Laboratory team, who analyzed delay times and devised a solution: installing the speakers on the back wall of the stage. This allows front row attendees to hear the speaker’s voice at the same time as the priest on stage.

Following the installation, Mr. Kim reported that the church staff and worshipers are extremely impressed with the new Elements system’s clearly-defined speech reproduction and its sophisticated but low-key aesthetics.

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