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16 February 2016

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MultiTaction put its hardware and software expertise on display at ISE, creating three impressive walk-in scenarios enabling visitors to experience large-scale interactive solutions first-hand.

Recreated on the stand and aimed at the corporate market was a state-of-the-art meeting room solution and an immersive Big Data visualisation solution which demonstrated the role of large-scale interactive displays in addressing common business challenges. Aimed at the museum and education markets, was a large scale interactive hybrid wall and table display similar in scope to one supplied to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Featured on the MultiTaction stand was MT Canvus, a software application designed to help organisations visualise big data from a variety of sources and to manipulate it in such a way as to gain realtime actionable insight. MT Showcase is an application that presents a wide range of rich media content in an innovative and intuitive way. And MultiTaction Curved iWall, shown for the first time in Europe, represents the pinnacle of immersive and compelling engagement using touch technology.

Jonathan Priestley, Vice President Marketing at MultiTaction believes that MultiTaction has a big part to play in helping organisations to visualise and display big data from many sources in one place. “All large organisations have made multiple investments in back end big data management and front end business intelligence viewers.  However, they still struggle to see the big picture and therefore are unable to derive actionable business insight. Using a combination of hardware and software MultiTaction is able to work with a wide range of sources to create the big data equivalent of a control tower for business. Suddenly we have seen clients view their businesses or supply chains on a single large format system — it’s the revelatory moment that big data has been looking for and it’s something that pure play software vendors simply can’t do. Our three walk-in demonstrations will encourage visitors to start thinking about how such solutions could be deployed within their own organisation to better expedite decision-making, inform and entertain.”

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