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Podcast Mixers To Become Sentient

ATEN launches industry’s first AI-optimized, machine-learning podcast audio mixer


7 April 2022

Audiovisual and IT connectivity provider ATEN have launched the podcast AI audio mixer MicLIVE 6-CH in Australia, the industry’s first AI-optimised audio mixer. MicLIVE UC8000 offers features such as acoustic enhancement with its AI-created SmartEQ, a compact and portable design, and an intuitive UI aimed at one to two host podcasts setups.

Audio mixers have become central to content creation, especially audio-format creation such as podcasts. In the case where users are new to the practice, capturing audio for podcasts can be daunting and complicated. Here MicLIVE presents a solution with an easy to navigate mixer that’s capable of capturing audio and carrying out post-production tasks as well. As an all-in-one solution for podcasts and audio content creation, this Good Design Award winner helps to make it easier for just one user to create pro-level podcasts.

MicLIVE users can manipulate their voice with 24 Voice FX programs, SmartEQ, use jingle pads that store up to 8 customisable sound effects, and make use of the auto-ducking function to keep up with broadcasting production values. In addition, MicLIVE ships with an inbuilt preamp that provides gain for the microphone’s signal, and supplies phantom power (+48V) should that be required. The mixer also comes with the companion application OnAir Audio. This software gives users control of parameters while allowing the simple assigning of audio from their computer, and customising sound effects through a user-friendly interface. It has flexible input options allowing the use of XLR microphones, musical instruments, USB audio sources, and audio from phone-in for mixing.

Product Highlights:

  • All-in-one design – Simplifies podcast mixing and workflow, offering up to 6-channel audio inputs, DSP and AD/DA converter, and adds audio resolution up to 24-bit /96 kHz to USB-C on PC or Mac
  • SmartEQ – Created using AI, the function improves microphone audio quality with enhanced acoustic models allowing users to create high-quality recordings in real time
  • Jingle pads – Save up to 8 sound effects from audio sources from a computer, microphone, or other audio inputs
  • Auto-ducking – Lowers background music while subjects speak

Model: UC8000
RRP: AU$409 



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