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28 August 2015

sony projector

This year’s Integrate 2015 show sees Sony adding three new models to its line of professional projectors, with each designed to deliver high image quality, high brightness and enhanced flexibility in a range of commercial applications including corporate and education. The new compact projectors include the VPL-EW348, VPL-EW345 and VPL-EX345 models.

The new 3LCD projectors continue Sony’s approach of offering customers installation flexibility, with rear side lamp access for easier maintenance. The projectors weigh approximately 4kg and their compact design makes them a convenient choice for portable applications.

The VPL-EW348 model has a built-in HDBaseT interface for easier connectivity and reduced installation costs. HDBaseT capabilities allow installers and integrators to reduce the number of cable runs by transmitting video, audio, control and IP over a single Cat5e/6 cable for up to 100 metres. Each model also has two HDMI ports for expanded connectivity with emerging digital devices in the professional AV market space.

The new models are designed to extend lamp life and reduce total cost of operations, delivering optimum energy efficiency, with low power consumption. Lamp life can be extended to up to approximately 10,000 hours, depending on the lamp mode selected. Other energy efficient functions include Sony’s auto lamp dimming function, where the projector intelligently detects if it is left powered on with a static signal being input. When a static signal is detected, the lamp can be dimmed to a specified percent of original brightness after certain time intervals set by the user.

Using the network presentation and remote control functions, a tablet or smartphone can control the projectors. Each model has a 16W speaker and is designed for silent operation, with a low of 29dB and high of 35dB. An input label function helps users clearly organise connected equipment.

Sony is also increasing its industry-leading share of the mid-brightness class projector market with a combination of new laser and lamp models that meet diverse installation and budgetary requirements for business, education and large venue applications.

The new projectors include two 3LCD laser models (VPL-FHZ65 and VPL-FHZ60) to expand Sony’s growing range of Z-Phosphor laser light source projectors. They join the world’s first 3LCD laser projector, the 4,000 lumens VPL-FHZ55, widely used in smaller rooms, and the 7,000 lumens VPL-FHZ700L, designed for larger venue commercial spaces in education, corporate, government and museum applications.

For applications where a projector usage is better suited to lamp-based projection, Sony’s new VPL-FH65 and VPL-FH60 offer cost-effective options that still deliver high quality performance.

The new models are designed to deliver enhanced picture quality with new features such as “Reality Creation” and “Contrast Enhancer”, which are used by Sony’s home theatre projectors for high-end consumer entertainment projection. The Reality Creation engine analyses and processes every input signal to refine detail, clarity and sharpness for a naturally up-scaled image. The Contrast Enhancer feature expands the perceived dynamic range of the signal in real-time. Both features contribute to enhancing visual experience wherever the projectors are installed.

Sony’s new laser models pack all the benefits of laser technology into a new chassis design. Due to the laser light source, the projector does not require time to warm up or cool down and there is no lamp to limit its tilt angle for installation.  The new chassis also helps the projectors to achieve the quietest operation at just 28dB in Standard mode. The new laser models’ “quick turn on/off” requires only approximately 7 seconds for the brightness to ramp up after turning on.

The projectors have a new integrated terminal cover design which can be installed without any visible cable runs from any angle. The models also have a wide powered lens shift, which allows the projector to be installed in challenging environments.

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