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8 December 2014

MobileConnect from Sennheiser provides live audio streaming to mobile devices for the first time, the company says. The universal system uses a wi-fi connection to stream lip-sync audio content to the user’s smartphone, which has an app that instantly converts it into a mobile receiver.


Sennheiser's MobileConnect ConnectStation
Sennheiser’s MobileConnect ConnectStation

The system consists of a streaming server and a specific wireless LAN router, providing a closed network users can connect to from smartphones. The selected audio data is transferred to the device via the MobileConnect multi-channel app, enabling users to play the content through headphones.

Applications are unlimited, says Sennheiser: whether it is in a theatre, a museum, a sports stadium or a company, MobileConnect can be quickly and easily installed, and is cost-efficient to use.

“We are proud to be able to present our customers with really innovative streaming-based technology,” says Sennheiser’s Integrated Systems director Andy Niemann. “This solution will enable our customers to simply use their own smartphones to receive audio contents in the future. They obviously know how to use their own device best of all and merely have to download the free MobileConnect app to their smartphone. At the same time, event organisers are no longer faced with the cost of providing, renting and maintaining the audio devices.”

Other features include assistive listening in theatres, and the provision of an audio track for silent screens in airport waiting lounges or simultaneous interpreting for public performances, Niemann says, while the universal application allows use in situations where audio transmission was previously impossible or limited: “It opens up completely new opportunities in the field of digital signage as well as in many areas of assistive listening. System houses and integrators can therefore not only offer their existing customers an innovative solution for familiar application scenarios, but they can also acquire completely new customers.”

The MobileConnect system is due out shortly and the free MobileConnect app is available for iOS with an Android version to follow from the respective app stores.


Source: media release


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