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7 December 2014

VBrick Systems has released a new video and screen capture device that combines the capabilities of its encoders with a screen capture device that supports live event broadcasts and creation of rich media presentations for on-demand viewing.


The 9000 Series Presentation Appliance is a response to demand from commercial, education and government customers for a one-click, portable and affordable rich media solution that delivers the quality and reliability of the company’s encoding for applications such as CEO broadcasts, live meeting and event webcasts, lecture capture and flipped classroom.

The device enables non-technical presenters to use a simple, web-based interface to combine audio, camera inputs and VGA/ HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort desktop capture inputs into one H.264 video stream. It supports up to four simultaneous inputs, including up to four HDMI sources, up to two VGA sources and up to two component video sources, and comes with various arrangements of 1, 2, 3 or all 4 video inputs.

“Our customers welcome the idea of an easy-to-use but high quality appliance, particularly as an alternative to difficult and unreliable PC-based streaming solutions,” said VBrick CEO Shelly Heiden.  “Non-technical presenters can now enjoy VBrick’s proven encoding quality to bring compelling presentations to audiences small or large, within their office, classroom or around the world.”

The 9000 Series Presentation Appliance integrates with VBrick’s video management platform, VBrick’s Cloud Streaming Services and VBrick’s Distributed Media Engine to enable presenters to deliver multiple bit rate video that can be displayed on small and large screens and shared across any network.


  • HD Video: Supports HD-quality inputs and output for corporate studios, HD camera-equipped classrooms and training centres to create broadcast-quality content.
  • Ease of Use: Point and click operation without requiring extensive training or a dedicated production staff.
  • Multiple Viewing Devices: Provides the flexibility to create content in multiple video protocols supporting a wide array of devices for viewing.


  • Lecture Capture: Record video, audio and screens from lectures for students to access online, anytime, from any device.
  • Flipped Classroom: Create rich media learning aids for students; enrich classroom interaction, improve learning outcomes.
  • Online Training: Capture instructor-led or informal product and service training; time- and place-shift viewing.
  • Event Broadcasts: Engage audiences by integrating a live video stream of a presenter, presentation slides and multiple types of rich media content.


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