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19 June 2014

Loopworks Measure

Ampetronic will be releasing Loopworks, a package of tools and systems with fully integrated expert support that promises to transform working with hearing loops at all levels. At the heart of Loopworks is an online interface that gives rapid access to a suite of knowledge and tools, including measurement systems, design tools, training materials, an Ampetronic knowledge base and rapid access to support for your projects. A back-end web tool automates the process of collecting data, creating certification or test reports and direct access to support from loop experts. The new system can operate both as a sophisticated test platform when installing loop systems, and as a cost effective tool for regular monitoring and maintenance by venue operators or maintenance companies. Ampetronic is also opening a Beta trial for its Loopworks Designer. LoopworksDesigner is a tool for the design, analysis and output of induction loop designs. Ampetronic is inviting participants to join the Beta testing phase.

www.ampetronic.com .


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