Leaders Join Forces Towards Solution Consistency

Zyxel Networks partners with Lumens to reach AV over IP integration.


16 December 2022

Lumens Digital Optics Inc., announced that its cameras, transmitters, and media processors are now fully certified for integration with Zyxel Networks’ switches. The integration simplifies the user experience, increases security, and delivers enhanced resilience across managed systems.

Zyxel Networks is a leading provider of AV switches for mission critical projects and installations. Its Networked AV Mode means that Lumens cameras and transmitters can deliver low-latency, high-quality video and media across IP networks with minimal delay. With built-in support for AMX, NDI, and Dante, Zyxel Networks’ Networked AV Mode is ideal for AV, video, and broadcast professionals.

“Zyxel Networks creates high-performance network switches for new applications, and we are determined to make transitioning to an IP-based network as straightforward and efficient as possible,” said Kell Lin, Senior Associate Vice President of Zyxel Networks’ Networking SBU. “Our Networked AV Mode is specially designed to turn complex AV over IP into plug-and-play. Our partnering with Networked AV technology leaders like Lumens will help customers streamline the deployment without hassles, so that they could focus on delivering best-in-class audio and video services.”

Steven Liang, VP of Product Development for Lumens, commented, “As a global leader in the ProAV industry, Lumens strives to provide the users robust AV over IP Solutions. Transmitting AV signals over IP infrastructures is already reality and we expect it to dominate the market for years to come. We are delighted to be working with Zyxel Networks to provide IP solutions which are secure, user-friendly and easy to manage.”

A growing number of Lumens PTZ and box cameras support RTSP and NDI video streaming protocols. Network-optimised, they output HD and UltraHD video at low latency over Ethernet and receive control data and tally instructions via IP. Lumens OIP range of video transmitters and controllers support network-based video transmission, KVM control, and video wall management, while advanced visualiser models support live streaming over IP networks.

Lumens: mylumens.com
Zyxel Networks: zyxel.com


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