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12 August 2014

20140625_153346Powersoft is holding to its commitment to training with a Sound School training tour in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Tokyo, with its distributors Electronics & Engineering in Malaysia and Matsuda Trading in Japan. Attendees experienced what the Armonía Pro Audio Suite software has to offer through a practical hands-on live demo, and to learn the technology behind Powersoft’s amplification.

“Every single course attracted around 40-50 attendees,” says Powersoft sound engineer and Sound School trainer Luigi Chelli. “I was initially concerned about the level of difficulty but everything went smoothly. The audience was well prepared, receptive, and able to follow even the deepest technical parts of the training.”

The Powersoft Sound School offers professional training to sound system designers, integrators, engineers, audio technicians and pro-audio dealers – and the company emphasises it is not a brand promotion exercise.

“Teaching and training have a vital impact in the industry,” says marketing and communications manager Francesco Fanicchi. “Above all we strive to encourage the training of young people with a strong passion for audio and provide all the dynamics to drive the professional industry forward.”

The course programme included an introduction to the Armonía software (connection to the amplifiers, how to wire the system, redundancy, etc.), advanced training on DSP capabilities, tuning a PA from scratch and making a preset ex-novo, and an extensive Q&A session.

Source: media release

Powersoft: www.powersoft-audio.com


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