24 November 2014

Stanton Revisits the Turntable

The vinyl revival is great news for a company like Stanton. Founded in 1946 by Walter Stanton,  inventor of the easily replaceable slide-in phonograph stylus, the company helped create the original consumer market. Now a Gibson brand, Stanton is set to showcase its Stanton 150 Series turntable range at the Las Vegas CES in January.

Stanton's T92 USB pro turntable
Stanton’s T92 USB pro turntable

The lineup comprises the ST.150, the STR8.150, and the T.92 USB and T.55 USB professional models. Suitable for digital vinyl systems, traditional vinyl mixing, archiving and home audio use, the range offers durable construction designed to minimise feedback, with ultra-strong torque, stable platters and precision tone arms.

The ST.150, with its standard S-shaped tone arm, provides improved sound quality, while the Stanton STR8.150, fitted with a ‘skip-proof’ straight tone arm, offers great scratching capabilities. Both provide professional-grade features including key correction, reverse, up to 50 per cent pitch adjustment and S/PDIF digital outputs.

The T.92 USB and T.55 USB both feature USB connectivity and analogue-to-digital converters and offer users an out-of-the-box solution to correct a recording and/or track with the provided iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner software, a complete audio cleanup suite with advanced noise-reduction technology that’s compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.


Source: media release


Stanton: www.stantondj.com.

Australian distribution
Australian Musical Imports: (03) 8696 4600 or www.gibsonami.com


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