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K-Array Integrates Kramer Control

K-array has just announced a new integration with Kramer Control.


14 March 2024

Italian manufacturer of professional audio solutions, K-array, has just announced the extension of its control plug-in portfolio to include a new integration with Kramer Control. Kramer Control is an enterprise−class cloud−based control and management solution providing IT and AV managers an easy way to control, monitor and support AV systems, infrastructures, and any third-party devices. Utilising the full API of Kramer Control, the new driver will enable greater integration possibilities for K-array’s flagship Kommander range of amplifiers.

“Through Kramer’s intuitive control platform, our Kommander amplifiers can now be implemented seamlessly into a Kramer-based control system,” explains Matteo Barbaro, Software Product Manager at K-array. “This is an exciting step as integrators now have fewer barriers when it comes to integrating our professional audio solutions into a range of spaces, such as corporate, government or education environments.”

“The technical partnership with Kramer follows our trend of being as compatible as possible with all the control system manufacturers,” continues Barbaro. “Our goal is to improve the integration experience whilst eliminating any potential user pain points.”

The announcement of this new partnership is a continuation of K-array’s commitment to software development, following the release of plug-ins for other control platforms including Crestron, Q-Sys, AMX and Control4. Further software partnership announcements are expected throughout 2024.

“By providing consultants and integrators with all the necessary tools to interact with and manage K-array products, they will be able to work more efficiently, which in turn benefits the end user,” concludes Barbaro. “We’ll continue working to expand the technologies that our products can integrate with and in turn, ensure our solutions are at the front of the minds of integrators when they are specifying on projects.”

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