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9 April 2014

LightningSwitch crop


MultiDyne has announced LightningSwitch, a 48×48 optical-to-optical routing switch that simplifies the routing of fibre-optic signals within broadcast infrastructures by eliminating the need for fibre patch panels. Relying on piezoelectric beam-steering technology, LightningSwitch minimises optical connection loss and maximises optical performance. LightningSwitch does not use any optical-to-electrical-to-optical conversions and is format and bit rate independent, allowing users to make the best use of fibre routing in broadcast infrastructures. Through LightningSwitch, users can route one-way and bidirectional optical signals multiplexed via TDM, CWDM, and DWDM technologies with line speeds from less than 1.5Gbs to 100Gbs and beyond. LightningSwitch can be integrated seamlessly with existing routing infrastructures and standard broadcast architectures.

Australian Distributor: Techtel 02 99061488 or www.techtel.tv


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