17 June 2015

Lab-gruppen's LUCIA 240/1-70
Lab-gruppen’s LUCIA 240/1-70

Following the successful launch of its compact LUCIA low impedance amplifiers, Lab.gruppen has extended the range with two dedicated 70V output models, the LUCIA 120/1-70 and 240/1-70. With power ratings of 120W and 240W respectively into a single output, the new amplifiers offer AV installers the option of driving 70V distributed loudspeaker systems while retaining the small form factor, input flexibility, build quality and GPIO facilities of the range.

“There are many applications – ceiling systems in corridors or meeting rooms for example – where installing a 70V system is the preferred solution but there is no convenient nearby location for an equipment rack,” says Lab-gruppen’s Klas Dalbjorn. “In these situations, LUCIA’s exceptionally small footprint, light weight, multiple mounting options and input flexibility provide installers with an absolutely reliable and highly-cost effective solution.”

Both new models incorporate dual inputs, a feature that allows mixing of two sources or selection of either the A or B source for the single mono output. Connectors are both balanced Phoenix type and unbalanced RCA for each input, with a built-in matrix function mixing the balanced and unbalanced signals with optimised gain structure. Front panel controls mix or select the A and B discrete source signals.

The company has also released a new version of the Application Browser software, which supports the Lucia range. With this updated software, all models will have the features previously only available on the Lucia M amplifiers including custom EQ on each input, adjustable matrix (2 in 1 out for the 70V amplifiers, and 2 in 2 out for the low impedance models), output processing with selectable presets for loudspeaker or custom EQs, and configurable functionality for the two GPIs

The LUCIA (Localised Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) series suits a range of installation applications including restaurants and bars, hotels, retail outlets, corporate boardrooms, museums and galleries, and smaller event or entertainment spaces.


Lab.gruppen: www.labgruppen.com


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