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Sennheiser and Microsoft expand voice recognition transcriptions


14 April 2022

With the aim of creating more engaging and inclusive meetings Sennheiser launched their Microsoft Teams Rooms certified TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker (TC ISP) which includes a 7-microphone array that can identify up to ten people in a room and up to 20 meeting participants.

Using Microsoft voice recognition technology, the TC ISP is also able to recognise who in the room is speaking and transcribe their comments. Although launched globally, at the time, the voice attribution transcription service on Teams only supported English speaking US based customers.

Now the TC ISP expands to support the following 16 languages:
en-US English United States
en-GB English United Kingdom
en-IN English (India)
en-NZ English (New Zealand)
zh-CN Chinese, Mandarin Simplified, China
ja-JP Japanese Japan
de-DE German Germany
pt-BR Portuguese Brazilen
en-CA English Canada
en-AU English Australia
es-ES Spanish Spain
es-MX Spanish Mexico
ko-KR Korean South Korea
fr-FR French France
it-IT Italian Italy
fr-CA French Canada

Sennheiser: sennheiser.com


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