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Virtualised Control Processing Now Available

Q-SYS vCore & Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore with Designer Software v9.6


25 November 2022

The availability of Q-SYS vCore, the first virtualised processor for Q-SYS and the accompanying Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore has been announced by Q-SYS. This collectively allows integrators and end users to enlist their own compute device to add Q-SYS Control capabilities for enhanced control, automation, UX capabilities, remote monitoring and help-desk features to systems.

The Q-SYS vCore / Q-SYS Control feature license is ideal for simple AV systems that do not require dedicated Q-SYS audio or video functionality, or those features that are already fulfilled with standalone hardware, legacy audio-only DSP, as well as those that need to replace ageing control systems. Additionally, it creates a bridge for those less complex rooms, that typically have disparate pieces of hardware, to enable cloud-based remote monitoring and management capabilities with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. 

Built using Q-SYS OS, the same standards-based IT architecture as the rest of theQ-SYS Platform, the vCore / Q-SYS Control feature license is able to deploy the same control engine as the rest of the Q-SYS processing portfolio, and empowers IT staff to standardise system control with access to Q-SYS Open, a toolkit of industry-standard protocols and open developer tools. vCore also uses the same Q-SYS Designer Software to build, design and deploy systems, allowing users to scale control programming from the vCore into a physical Core if/when the need arises.

“We are thrilled to offer integrators and end users an opportunity to take advantage of the flexible Q-SYS Control functionality, as well as a viable path to make incremental system upgrades without having to rip-and-replace existing systems,” says Greg Mattson, Product Manager, Q-SYS Control. “While we have been working on virtualising the Q-SYS Platform for several years, Q-SYS vCore comes at an ideal time to overcome supply chain challenges with software ingenuity.”

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Issue 18