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Chongqing Open Port History Museum

Christie laser projectors light up the history of China’s largest river port with short throw lenses and omnidirectional positioning


31 January 2022

Christie laser projectors are illuminating various exhibits in the new Chongqing Open Port History Museum with visuals that highlight the rise and development of the biggest river port in southwest China. 

Located in the Nan’an district of Chongqing city, the museum is established upon the grounds of a 125-year-old cultural relic site formerly known as Little firm, a trading company founded by British businessman and adventurer Archibald John Little in 1896. The two-story building occupies a total area of 800 square meters and is recognised for its unique Chinese and foreign architectural features. 

Among the highlights of the museum are projections accomplished by nine Christie LWU900-DS 3LCD laser projectors supplied by Christie’s partner Dicction (Beijing) Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Deployed across several exhibition zones, the projectors perfectly complement a variety of interactive showpieces, and are used to showcase the rich history and cultural aspects of Chongqing as an open port and municipality. 

“The museum was looking for a bright, reliable and cost-effective laser projection solution for various zones. The Christie DS Series, with its sleek appearance and versatility, ticks all the right boxes,” said Leo Zhang, chief executive officer, Dicction. “With a suite of features such as built-in edge blending and warping with colour adjustment, the DS Series delivered in all aspects and exceeded the client’s expectations. We are very pleased with how the projectors have brought the exhibition zones to life.”

Fitted with 0.8:1 short throw lens, the 9,000-lumen LWU900-DS projectors are installed discretely above the display areas to deliver images that heighten the vibrancy and realism of the exhibits. In particular, two projectors are used for a gauze screen projection measuring 6.5 meters by 3 meters (21 feet by 10 feet) that highlights the port’s opening in the early days, while a 6.9-by-4.25-meter (23 feet by 14 feet) sand table projection achieved with three LWU900-DS projectors brilliantly demonstrates how Chongqing and its surrounding regions were transformed over the years following the port’s rapid expansion.  

Zhang noted that the general contractor of this project led the testing of all Christie LWU900-DS projectors prior to installation, and was very pleased with the outcome. “The team is impressed with the projectors’ stable brightness output and excellent image quality offered by the short throw lens’. On top of that, the projectors’ omnidirectional capabilities are a huge plus as this greatly reduces the complexity of installing them,” he said.


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Issue 26