Issue 28

New PL-CA Loudspeakers from Q-SYS

The five new models range from 5-inch to 15-inch coaxial designs.


18 January 2024

Q-SYS, a division of QSC LLC, has expanded its PL Series performance loudspeaker portfolio with the introduction of PL-CA full-range coaxial loudspeakers. This launch enhances the delivery of premium sound anywhere in an entertainment, corporate or higher ed venue that requires higher performance audio as part of a Q-SYS system. 

With five new models ranging from 5-inch to 15-inch, PL-CA models offer wide, symmetrical coverage in a compact enclosure, making them ideal for applications where they are closer to the listener and/or controlled coverage is not a requirement. They also offer extended bass response compared to point-source models of similar size, ensuring full-range audio coverage for a broad range of applications.   

“We’re thrilled to introduce the PL-CA models that ensure the premium sound performance for Q-SYS systems that our customers expect,” says Sanjay Kulkarni, Senior Director, Entertainment & Commercial AV applications, Q-SYS. “This release expands the array of selections in the PL Series, providing a comprehensive range of choices to meet the specific high-performance audio needs within any venue utilizing the Q-SYS system.” 

To learn more about the new PL-CA and the entire PL Series portfolio of performance installation loudspeakers, please visit:  

Technical Audio Group: (02) 9519 0900



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Issue 28